The Magic of Think “Queen of Doubt” Package is a fun and educational way to help children understand the importance of confidence. “The Book of Dreams” highlights this activity in a cute story that guides children to not only build their own confidence (mirroring protagonist fairy, Aldis), but to encourage others around them as well. This adorable story establishes connections; unknowingly teaching children compassion in addition to overcoming their own subconscious doubts. Along with the “Queen of Doubt” storybook, you get a coloring book featuring the Queen of Doubt herself, as well as the rest of the Think gang. The images inside are enlarged, making them perfect for smooth coloring. You also get the Hidden Letter game, a little head teaser for the children to sharpen their awareness. Finally, The Magic of Think includes trading cards; ready to be cut (with parental assistance!) and collected for your little ones. The Magic of Think’s series of activity and storybooks is a fantastic concept. More so since it involves Magic of Think characters and all their lovable quirks. My young cousin loved her experience with the storybook portion. To remind her that she’s capable of anything her heart’s desire, while keeping ego in check through highlighted compassion segments (your child must write in his or her own way, on how to aid Aldis during her withdrawal crisis). Simple, fun and original!
Luis Olle

My kids loved “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with Coochi Coo! My 6 year old daughter interacted and my 2 year old son got his hands going. It worked to settle him down. Two nights last week and once on the weekend. Really cool!
Dan, Father of two children

The Adventures of Aldis from The Magic of Think were great! I instructed girls ages 7 to 11 and the most important thing to note is the very fact that they DID take something away from it. A lot of stuff that we have used with the girls doesn’t “stick” in their minds because it doesn’t resonate with them but this material did resonate with them as it engaged their imagination as well as reaching them at a level where they truly became the character! The stories were captivating and calmed the girls down, they identified with the Queen of Doubt and the importance of accepting failure and rising above it, and their relationships with others improved. A perfect example is when one of the girls recognized that she was too self-critical, and then forgave herself.
Jillian Bonham, Salvation Army

Dear Janyse, Thank you for coming to our school. We loved your story that you told us. I loved the Queen of Doubt. I wanted to know how do you use such good expression and character? Coochi Coo is so spectacular because you use such good expression. I liked the emotions in the story too. I want to be a singer when I grow up. I really like the name Coochi Coo. I loved your CD! I hope you had fun doing that. I learned that you should never have doubt. I liked the shield full of jewels. I like the jewels a lot. Thank you
Megan, 7 years old

We received The Magic of Think and the Stone of Courage written by thinkologist Janyse Jaud. My six-year-old who is absolutely a whimsical child who needs a boost of courage loved it. We wanted a curriculum that would help her with self-esteem, courage, and bravery, and this unique learning set offers these concepts in a playfully adventurous way.

When I first opened the book and turned the pages, my daughter got so excited. The pages are colorful and inviting. If you have kids who love fairy tales, superheroes, and charming adventures like my kids do, then they’ll be in for a treat.The book weaves in the tales of three cute characters and a “stone of courage” all while highlighting self esteem, friendship, and emotion management. (My daughter was intrigued by the art on each page, by the way. The illustrations are very well done.)

At the appropriate time in the story, my daughter was given the opportunity to choose her favorite character to continue on with the lesson. The three characters are just too cute–from Coochi Coo to Little Red and Aldis. Her favorite character, Aldis, led her into a lesson on setting positive goals. My kiddo decided that her short term goal would be to learn to tie her shoes!

The workbook also comes with an audio CD. An audio book, mentor’s guide, and packages are available as well. Many of the songs and lessons highlight character training lessons such as “keep trying and never give up” and “believe and have courage.”

The music really brought the lesson to life. After listening to and dancing along with the song on heroes, we continue with the workbook. She begged, “Mom, let’s keep going!” So we did. The exercises are quick and easy, and they cause children to think about emotions. They’ll circle, write, and follow easy directions. Another thing I really like about this workbook is the much-needed handwriting practice my child gets.

This curriculum is also great for kids who are struggling with bad dreams at night. It would work great with a unit study on feelings and emotions or as a stand-alone curriculum. I only hope they’ll come out with a second set soon since my daughter is enjoying it so much! Before the week is over, we’ll be finished with this workbook. Overall, we’ve really enjoyed the product.

Demetria, Hip Homeschool Moms

We really enjoyed The Magic of Think and the Stone of Courage. I have 4 boys ranging in ages from one to seven. My two oldest sons, ages 5 and 7, worked on the workbook together. One of my favorite things about the book is that it is sturdy. The pages are thick and the spiral binding allows two children to sit and follow along together without the book closing too easily.

I was immediately happy to see a Feelings Chart in the beginning of the book. My sons had fun imitating the faces and talking about various times when they also felt those emotions. I plan on keeping that page open and easy to access in our classroom. With 4 little boys, emotions can get out of hand quickly, and having a chart and lessons to refer to has already proven to be helpful.

Like Demetria’s daughter, my sons are mesmerized by mystical stories and fantasies. These books will capture your child’s imagination with creative illustrations and unique story lines. The author of The Magic Of Think, Janyse Jaud, actually is a popular voice-over from many cartoons your child may watch.

These books guide your child through various scenarios the characters encounter and then follow up the stories (on CD) with questions in the book. The questions helped to check comprehension and were perfect for my younger children. There are also extension activities to create various emotions using play dough, so you could also incorporate your younger children. Also, what mom doesn’t love a CD with built-in learning to throw on in the car while running around to all our homeschool activities? We often took the book with us and just did the workbook in the car! It was so quick and easy!

Math and reading are important, but the emotional health of our children should always come first and The Magic of Think is an excellent place to start!

Liz, Hip Homeschool Moms

This learning module has all the needed parts for children to learn better coping skills for dealing with everyday fear. We all have it and even adults can use the techniques and exercises to improve their own way of coping. I have started using the Worry Box for my own anxieties. It has only been a few days since I started using it but the results are clear. Janyse has put together a great product. Even in its parts it works. My wife and I enjoyed the tunes. Catchy and easy to learn and learn from. Thank you Janyse for your talent and for sharing it so young and old can learn from it!!!
CGC, Client Advocate/Support Worker, Tutor and Life Skills Coach

We received Janyse Jaud’s The Magic of Think workbook and CD. What a fabulous curriculum on social and emotional learning! These stories on CD, and the activity book to go with it, really focuses on the emotional well-being of the child, and decision making on how to handle life’s conflicts.

There are 3 heroes to explore with. Little Red deals with bullying, individuality, courage and emotions. Coochi Coo teaches how to deal with anxiety, worry, fear (of the dark), and courage. Aldis teaches imagination, persistence, belief, goals and courage. I love the variety of activities in the workbook, based on each character’s journey and lessons. There is even a Courage Certificate in the back of the book! Butterfly’s and my favorite lesson would be when Aldis teaches visualization. “Think about your goal, imagine yourself achieving your goal. See it, feel it, then believe it!”

Besides Math and Reading, these are lessons we should be including in our child’s day as well! We give Janyse’s work two thumbs up!

Rockabye Butterfly homeschool website, homeschool parent

Emotional stress is not something specific to adulthood. Children too deserve every opportunity to ‘fill up’ their emotional toolbox with strategies to help them manage things like bullying, low self esteem and troubles at home. As someone who was bullied throughout my early years of schooling, I wish that back then I had access to the tools offered by the colourful characters of The Magic of Think. Janyse Jaud offers truly valuable strategies for boosting confidence in a fun, engaging, and accessible format – that I enjoyed even as an adult!
Tara Patricia Cookson, B.A., M.A., PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, Gates Cambridge Scholar

We have received the book and WOW!!!! We love it! The kids laughed so much when we listened to the CD. They loved the story of Little Red. My son loved how Little Red called the bullies Booger Mongers! The sound effects on the CD were amazing as well. The kids loved all the games that came along with the book. It looks amazing!
M. Russell, homeschool parent

As a parent and teacher, I tend to focus a lot on the tangible, measurable aspects of learning. Letters, numbers, reading, and writing are all at the top of my priorities. I admit that I do not usually place as much emphasis on the other domains of early childhood development especially not on the social/emotional learning. Outside of correcting improper social behavior, I spend almost no time focusing on this important aspect of a child’s overall development.

I was recently asked to review The Magic of Think: Social and Emotional Learning Activity and Audio Book by Janyse Jaud. This is the first of a seven book series aimed at teaching children about courage, friendship, happiness, and forgiveness. Each book includes songs, stories, games, lessons, activities, and discussions based on social and emotional learning.

Overall, I think this is a very helpful resource for teaching children about important social and emotional concepts in a unique and creative manner. The stories are engaging, humorous and entertaining for the children. The activity book is interactive, allowing the child to record responses within the book itself. It would be beneficial in both a home or a school setting for helping to teach children about their emotions and character attributes in a more tangible way!

Jenae, former first grade teacher, homeschool parent

My daughter loves The Magic of Think! Each lesson provides a way for her to express opinions and feelings. Your lesson plans, combined with the CD, were the perfect combination and length. My child, a person living with unique needs, and, who joined our family through the gift of adoption, embraced the songs as her own. Once started, she began asking to work on her “lessons”. Our friends have become excited about “The Magic of Think”, as the CD travels with us…everywhere. We look forward to future stories and songs! Sincerely,
Shari, homeschool parent

I was listening to Janyse’s CD and workbook with my 5 and 7 year old boys. The boys and I loved listening to the inspiring and beautiful music and we kept on singing the lyrics days later. Great reinforcement of the positive messages! I had never seen any program like this before. Most other CD/ workbook programs focus on academic subjects but Janyse’s product addresses the most important thing there is – the emotional well-being of a child. It works really well with any child as each child is able to choose his/ her own hero from three different ones. For homeschooling families it would work very nicely as a base for a unit study on feelings/ social interactions.
K.T. - homeschooling mom to two boys

Dear Janyse, thank you very much for your presentation. It was amazing and we all soaked it in! You did a great job! The children were more than happy to write a sentence about what they liked. On Friday, we spent a wonderful afternoon experimenting with different voices. We used finger puppets to portray different characters with voices and the students performed for each other. It was a fun experience! I am interested in the idea that you promote courage with a character that the children seem drawn towards. I like how you included the reality of the hindrance we all feel from doubt sometimes. I find that this is a character strength that we need to continually address with our developing children… so I am thankful for your efforts. Thank you very much!
Elaine Bury, Teacher, Bankhead Elementary

Dear Janyse, thank you for the incredible presentation that you gave us on Friday. You really captivated our students and they are in the process of writing you some thank you notes containing their observations and opinions. However, I must caution you that most of my little boys have fallen in love with you so there may be some proposals! And all the little girls want to grow up to be like you. You wouldn’t believe how pumped they were when they went home from school.
Black Mountain Elementary

You might not necessarily know her songs, but if there’s a pre-tween in the household, chances are Janyse Jaud is already a member of the family. The voiceover vet has provided the audio persona for such animated heroes as “Strawberry Shortcake’s” Orange Blossom, Pinkie Pie in “My Little Pony,” Catwoman in Batman Motion Comics, Melissa Duck in “Baby Looney Tunes” and a cast member of the popular “Ed, Edd n Eddy.” Her “The Magic of Think” concept—which now comprises 2008’s “The Magic of Think” and “The Magic of Christmas” and 2009’s “This Day Is Mine” and “Dreamers”—was born from experience with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, leading to an award for her remix of “This Day Is Mine” by Hollywood Music in Media. With vocals, music and lyrics by Janyse, the tracks deliver exactly what one would hope for and expect: positive messages with easily digested sing-along melodies and spirited, youthful vocals, often in kiddie character. In “I Won’t Worry,” she muses, “I won’t worry about a thing, because I know what today will bring/Something wonderful, something great, is happening to me and I can’t wait.” Likewise, in “Why,” Janyse assures, “Remember to be a best friend to yourself first/How can somebody else like you if you don’t like yourself?” Production throughout is first-rate, predominated by easy-breezy dance beats, the occasional midtempo ballad and a bluegrass throw-down tossed in for novelty. Kids are destined to sing these songs over and over, all the while taking in their wholesome resolve. Absolutely top drawer for the genre.
Cortney Harding, Music Reviewer, Billboard Discoveries

Singer and songwriter, Janyse, introduced her new album, The Magic of Think, that provides a powerful message for children. After experiencing the effects for the Make a Wish Foundation during her time on the hit children’s show, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, she was inspired to make her own difference in boosting the self-esteem of young children. She does this through song in her new CD, a perfect gift for shaping a child’s first perceptions of themselves.
Analee Pepper, Review, LA’s The Place

Canadian singer/songwriter and voiceover artist Janyse is not just a pop star but also a first-rate children’s artist and one of the top voiceover artists in the world. Janyse has voiced characters in projects such as Hulk Vs. Thor, Hulk Vs. Wolverine, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, Batman: Black & White, My Little Pony, and Ed, Edd n Eddy. We previously reviewed Janyse’s singles “Dreamers” and “This Day Is Mine”, but today we’re taking a listen to her Children’s project, The Magic Of Think.

Opening with Boots, a song about the courage to be yourself, Janyse affects a persona that’s part Arthur and part cowboy. Boots is very catchy and will keep the little ones moving to the beat while delivering a positive message. Boogie Oogie Man is a comedic song about things that go bump in the night that you can jitterbug to and makes the dark a little less scary. Janyse goes for big daydreams on Hero, looking to save the day. It’s a decent song although a bit cliché. Shoulda Woulda Coulda returns to the early Rock N Roll of Les Paul for a rockin’ good time. It’s amazing listening to the songs on The Magic Of Think and hearing all of the voices that Janyse manages to inhabit in the course of about 40 minutes. ‘Why’ is a song all about self-esteem and learning to like yourself. It’s a strongly positive message delivered in a cute musical package that the kiddos will love. Janyse revisits Boots thematically in Stomp, a how-fast-can-you go hoedown that will have the kids and you in stitches before you’re done. I Won’t Worry is an upbeat, positive message in song that is as positive for the adults as it is the kids; the characters and tune are, as throughout The Magic Of Think, magically alive and full of energy. Janyse includes her pop tune, This Day Is Mine, which we previously reviewed as a single and closes out with If I Believe, the theme song of The Magic Of Think. This is, in fact, the best song on the disc, sounding like an Alan Menken/Tim Rice concoction from a Disney movie.

Janyse seems to spin gold with whatever she touches. Her voice talents (as both a voice artist and a singer) are prodigious. Janyse breathes life into what can at times be a tired children’s genre with songs full of heart and belief in the magic of childhood. The Magic Of Think is definitely a worthwhile investment if you have little ones. Janyse is up there with folks like Elizabeth Mitchell, Trout Fishing In America and Laurie Berkner as a Children’s Artist creating music accessible to kids but with a musicality and intelligence that will also appeal strongly to adults. Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Wildy World

Many thanks for making Ben feel so special last Tuesday. He has been floating on air ever since. Ben is usually pretty hard on himself, largely because he thinks that he is somehow “bad” for his inability to keep up with his peers. Really for the first time, he feels special. It’s so great to hear him tell his friends of his trip to Vancouver. I simply cannot express my gratitude for what you and your colleagues have done for my little boy. We felt so welcome in Vancouver. We loved every minute of it. Thanks for such a wonderful visit.
Ron, Make-A-Wish Foundation

I listened to this CD three times after I received it – the songs are fun and well-suited to the target audience of kids aged 3 to 6. I think that some of the songs on the CD would even appeal to kids a little older. In fact, by the time I had listened to the complete CD the first time, I was easily seeing a stage show in my mind – if any of you have seen Les Miserables on stage, I think you will easily be able to relate “This Day Is Mine” and “If I Believe” to the mood set by Cossette’s solo “Castle On A Cloud”. As a parent, I would have had no qualms whatsoever about my children listening to Janyse’s music when they were younger. Everything from the music to the voices she gives her characters is positive, and her lyrics carry messages which kids today need to hear. In fact, I would have dearly loved to have had this CD when my son (now aged 17) was going through his Barney phase. Even though Barney’s message was supposed to be positive, his methods of delivery drove me crazy.
Tami Quiring, Village Gamer

I LOVE IT! It’s fun! It’s great! It’s alive! Love the messages in your words! And your voices are incredible! Hmmmm! “This Day Is Mine”. WOW! Very powerful. Riveting right to my toes. What a voice you have. Deep rooted. Very powerful words. Lots of meaning and thought. Strong. Love the beat! My heart feels full and wants to soar. And my feet want to tap dance! I just want to smile with joy! LOVE IT. WOW!!!
Lori-Ann Muenzer - Olympic Gold Medalist

I run a small private daycare and my preschool group is in LOVE with ‘The Magic of Think’ CD. They tap their toes, twirl, sing, laugh and dance along to the beat. They even get out the keyboard, drums and tambourine and play right along. Thanks for the smiles and laughter – this was a fast favorite!
Marlo Boux

Thank goodness for this CD. It’s the first children’s cd that didn’t drive me bonkers when listening to it in the car. I used it for a week every morning during my drive to child care. As you can imagine there are many mornings that tears are a reality – the cd was enough to snap my 1½ year old daughter out of her state. My 3 year old would tell me who was singing the songs – he related to the characters on the front of the cd. Although both of my children are too young to really get all the wonderful messages from the songs, the fact that he was trying to sing along and remembered the words made me feel good. I loved the variety of songs – different types of music and varying voices.
Leigh-Ann Stewart

I could not believe your CD “The Magic of Think” would be so wonderful for children. Listening to it, I laughed, cried, and tapped my foot to the rhythm. I then proceeded to purchase 1 for my granddaughter and 6 additional ones for her to give as presents to her friends. All parents, grandparents and day care should have this CD. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Janyse’s previous album “Magic of Christmas” touched my heart with its upbeat, sexy and jazzy Christmas tunes that light up the mood. This time around, she releases an album with a hidden meaning….The Magic of Think is an inspirational album, that gives it’s listeners not only the soothing sounds of Janyse’s voice, but also courage, friendship and happiness. All three are the key element themes used in this album, which are fun to hear and sing along to. Janyse’s voice work as Little Red, Coochi Coo (my personal favorite) and Aldis is absolutely adorable. Each character has his/her own story to go along with the songs. It’s all about positivity, and it’s the right message for not only children, but adults. The sound of the music is quite good, very country/pop dance-ish this time around, with (of course…) Janyse’s perfect vocal work. In short, the sounds of the music and Janyse’s vocals really complemented each other. Which make it a great experience! The album is fun to sing along with, the lyrics are cute and VERY catchy! Boogie Oogie Man is stuck in my head, and I can’t help but get up and groove to Best Friend Forever. Awesome beat this time around! Even though Janyse moved away from the jazzy Christmas theme album, she scores again with “Magic of Think” It’s fun, cute, and puts smiles on people’s faces. Recommended for children and adults, Magic of Think is a winner!

My 3 year old son loves this CD. We like to play it in the car although he will also put it on at home to dance around too. I enjoy the singing as well, which is not what I can say for all children’s CD’s. I also like the fact that the lyrics have a positive message. One day, as my son was trying to climb down a steep hill, he quoted Coochi Coo, exclaiming, “I’ve got courage!”

I first discovered Janyse through her voice work in animation, but grew to love her music after hearing “The Magic Of Christmas”. So, of course, I had to give her latest CD a listen too! “The Magic Of Think” is great! I love how it’s set out like a live performance – just the kind of thing I would have adored when I was small. All of the voices are up to her usual high standards too, of course. As for the music itself, I just adore its positive theme. And I’d say it’s enjoyed by its target audience too, judging by how my nephew and nieces (aged 2-6) kept singing random songs after hearing it the first time! The tunes are just so catchy! The lyrics are perfect for getting you through a rough day, whatever your age though. “If I Believe” is my personal favourite – a beautiful song, and perfectly performed, both musically and vocally. Once again, Janyse, thank you so much for brightening our days with your beautiful music!

My daughter likes your entire CD, she hasn’t asked me once to “skip” a song. It’s a permanent fixture in her room.

What sound. When you hear a song for the first time and it sends a magical shiver up your spine, you know the artist has a very special gift. After listening to The Magic of Think by Janyse I was in awe not only by her voice but by her skill as a songwriter. Each song, from the characterized up beat country rhythms to the power and strength of “This Day is Mine” has a story to tell about values in life we often taken for granted. Janyse’s gift of story telling and sharing knowledge through her songs is “pure magic”. Although the CD was created for children, every adult friend and family member who I have shared it with have been touched by Janyse’s magic. Can’t wait for her next CD!!!

My niece loves this! A wonderful, positive, thoughtful CD for children of all ages that they can listen and learn over and over again! Highly recommended!

It’s fast moving, fun and there is a great variety of voices. It really makes you feel happy! ‘This Day Is Mine’ is a powerful message and it could be used to help those who are dealing with depression. The music and the lyrics blend together really well. ‘If I Believe’ brought tears to my eyes. I recommend this CD to all ages!
June, Great Grandmother