THE MAGIC OF THINK® was created after Janyse met several children from The Make-A-Wish® Foundation who had made their “one wish” to meet her, the cast, and the crew of the animated series “Ed, Edd n Eddy”.

It was then that Janyse realized the power that cartoons can have on a child’s life. She wondered: “What if I could create characters, music, and stories that helped kids develop courage?”


Janyse is the Narrator of the Emmy award-winning hit series “Adoption Stories” (Discovery Channel), winner of Best Song at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and voice of hundreds of cartoon characters.

Her musical style ranges from pop to jazz swing and many of her original songs can be heard in film and television.

Janyse works with the top companies catering to your children including Disney, Hasbro, Marvel, The Cartoon Network, Alliance Atlantis, Paramount, Viz, Universal Pictures, Hallmark, Mattel, Fox, Icon, MGM, Lionsgate, Atari, Leapster, Tribune, and Warner Bros.

Janyse Jaud

Full credits can be viewed at:

www.imdb.com (Internet Movie Database)
www.janyse.com (singer/songwriter)
www.janysejaud.com (voiceovers)


Selected Voice Credits of Janyse

  • Orange Blossom – Strawberry Shortcake
  • Pinkie Pie – My Little Pony
  • Catwoman – Batman motion comics
  • Melissa Duck – Baby Looney Tunes
  • Sarah and Lee Kanker – Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Lady Deathstrike – Hulk vs Wolverine
  • Hela – Hulk vs Thor

Selected On Camera Credits

  • Secretary – Andromeda
  • Nurse – X-Files
  • Counselor – Outer Limits

Billboard Discoveries

“Absolutely top drawer for the genre“
Cortney Harding, Billboard Discoveries


  • Winner of Best Song “This Day Is Mine” (remix) Hollywood Music in Media Awards
  • Narrator of Emmy award-winning “Adoption Stories” Discovery Health Channel
  • Parents Choice Approved Award Winner. The Magic of Think™
  • Winner of Best Jazz CD. Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards
  • Nominated for Best Song “Stomp” Independent Music Awards USA
  • Nominated for Best Song “Blessed Is This Holy Night” Hollywood Music in Media Awards
  • Nominated for Best Song “Dreamers” Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards

Movies Featuring Janyse’s Original Songs

  • “The Trainer” Killer Workout Productions
  • “Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade” Hallmark Channel
  • “American Mary” Universal Pictures
  • “Past Obsessions” Shavick/Regent Entertainment
  • “Blond and Blonder” Insight Pictures
  • “On The Other Hand Death” Shavick Entertainment
  • “Making Mr.Right” Ignite Entertainment
  • “All She Wants For Christmas” Insight Pictures
  • “Health Nutz” APTN
  • “Smart Cookies” W Network

Words of Praise

“Emotional stress is not something specific to adulthood. Children too deserve every opportunity to ‘fill up’ their emotional toolbox with strategies to help them manage things like bullying, low self esteem and troubles at home. As someone who was bullied throughout my early years of schooling, I wish that back then I had access to the tools offered by the colourful characters of The Magic of Think. Janyse Jaud offers truly valuable strategies for boosting confidence in a fun, engaging, and accessible format – that I enjoyed even as an adult!”

Tara Patricia Cookson, B.A., M.A., PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge,
Gates Cambridge Scholar

Words of Praise

My kids loved “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with Coochi Coo! My 6 year old daughter interacted and my 2 year old son got his hands going. It worked to settle him down. Two nights last week and once on the weekend. Really cool!

Dan, Father of two children

Words of Praise

Dear Janyse, Thank you for coming to our school. We loved your story that you told us. I loved the Queen of Doubt. I wanted to know how do you use such good expression and character? Coochi Coo is so spectacular because you use such good expression. I liked the emotions in the story too. I want to be a singer when I grow up. I really like the name Coochi Coo. I loved your CD! I hope you had fun doing that. I learned that you should never have doubt. I liked the shield full of jewels. I like the jewels a lot. Thank you,

Megan, 7 years old

Words of Praise

My daughter loves The Magic of Think! Each lesson provides a way for her to express opinions and feelings. Your lesson plans, combined with the CD, were the perfect combination and length. My child, a person living with unique needs, and, who joined our family through the gift of adoption, embraced the songs as her own. Once started, she began asking to work on her “lessons”. Our friends have become excited about “The Magic of Think”, as the CD travels with us…everywhere. We look forward to future stories and songs!

Sincerely, Shari, homeschool parent

Words of Praise

Dear Janyse, thank you for the incredible presentation that you gave us on Friday. You really captivated our students and they are in the process of writing you some thank you notes containing their observations and opinions. However, I must caution you that most of my little boys have fallen in love with you so there may be some proposals! And all the little girls want to grow up to be like you. You wouldn’t believe how pumped they were when they went home from school.

Black Mountain Elementary