Does your child feel shy when meeting new people? Would you like to give your child a way to handle anxiety? Can your child manage anger? Would you like to help your child understand gratitude?

We are all given gifts in the form of obstacles to ultimately help us achieve our greatest potential. Therefore learning how to effectively manage our emotions is a must! I mean let’s face it. Stress is a normal part of life.

Positive stress can help us in many ways. For example it can save your life, or challenge you to take an opportunity that may scare you initially but could also jumpstart your fabulous new idea that has been germinating for years on the backburner because you have been too scared to go for it!

Negative stress such as anxiety, worry and anger can lead to even more anxiety, worry and anger plus low self-esteem and health problems! So how do we cope? How do we manage our stinking thinking?

Emotional resilience is the ability to handle stress throughout your lifetime. It’s that amazing ability to bounce back from a crisis or stressful life change rather than letting that dreaded stress control you. So how do we teach children this skill? How do we learn to be proactive versus reactive?

A fun way to help your child build resilience and healthy emotions is through the inspiring music, lyrics and characters from the Hollywood award-winning The Magic of Think. Statistics show that music can be an outlet for expression, reduce pain, and can even work better than talk and drug therapy! (Statistics are located at the end of this post)

The Magic of Think invites children on a musical journey that addresses a variety of emotions such as anxiety, courage, gratitude, fear, love and happiness through the eyes of three adorable characters. Sing, dance and discuss your way to healthier emotions!

Janyse Jaud is an award-winning singer/songwriter, voiceover actress, author, and thinkologist working with clients such as Hasbro, Warner Bros., Marvel, Discovery, and The Cartoon Network.

Reference: Mark Rosenberg, M.D., Natural Health News

Adam Ramsay, Health Journalist